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Do you hate Edm more than Chi?



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Just after these last few games I am sensing a lot of animosity towards Edmonton than ever before.

They have been a bad team for many years, and all of a sudden after fourish 1st overall picks they're just now starting to compete with us.

  • Justin Schultz choosing Edm over Van

  • Yakupov's celebrations

  • Ben Eager in general

  • Kelly Rudey's immense Oiler and CBC Bias when commentatting games

All these things I find far more irritating than Chicago at this point, they don't even have Bolland anymore.

If anything I think Vancouver and Chicago respect each other as the best of the West, and Edmonton has emerged as an annoying step brother we're ready to pulverize every game, and prevent them from ever making the playoffs.


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I have never been an Oilers fan and I do really dislike them but I hate NO team not even Boston more then I hate Chicago. I hate all their players and wish nothing but bad vibes (not anyone getting hurt mind you) to fall upon that team. My Chicago hate will need more then just a few pre-season games to fizzle and fade. Also Duncan Keith :angry: Hate him with a fiery passion and he is Blackhawk.

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Nope. I still favor hating on the Hawks more than the Oilers. Although at this point hate is probably too strong a word...when I really had some angst going was before they were forced to decimate their lineup after their first recent Stanley Cup victory.

Those first two losses to Chicago in the playoffs before we went on our 2011 run stung like Hell (which led me to sign up on this board amusingly enough)

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This was a legit rivalry back in the Smythe Division days. Chicago-VAN is the current big rivalry, but as with most rivalries, fluidity occurs in the NHL. I despise Keith and co. but right now guys like Eager, Schultz, Mac-T, and now Eakins are really getting on fan nerves

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Nope. I dislike the Oilers, but I don't give a Bettman's rat's ass about them either. I hate Chicago yes, but I also respect them (most of their players anyways.)

I have the biggest hate for Boston as of right now. We haven't played them since the Cup Run, but Boston will be the biggest hated team for me as of right now. I wish them bad things (aside from Bergeron and Eriksson) and I will always cheer against them no matter which team they play. (so yes, I was cheering for Chicago to win the Cup)

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