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Parents fined for sending boy named Jihad to preschool in ‘I am a bomb’ T-shirt


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PARIS — A French appeals court has convicted a woman and her brother of “justifying a crime” after her toddler son — named Jihad — went to preschool in a T-shirt bearing the words “I am a bomb” and “Jihad: Born on Sept. 11.”

Bouchra Bagour was given a 2,000-euro fine and a one-month suspended prison sentence and her brother, Zayed, received a 4,000-euro fine and two-month suspended sentence in southeastern Nimes on Friday.

Prosecutors had appealed after a lower court in nearby Avignon acquitted the defendants in April.

Gaele Guenoun, the mother’s lawyer, said by phone she was astonished the verdict was overruled.

The case centred on a teacher’s complaint after the boy, whose birthday is Sept. 11, wore the shirt to preschool last year.

The brother had the shirt made.


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I thought freedom of speech and expression was a sacred tenet of the free world.

EDIT: As someone who understands Arabic, I hate the demonization of the word jihad. I'm sure their intention was to refer to terrorist attacks but if that's all you know about the word, educate yourself

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