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[Proposal] We Need Some Real Depth Defencemen

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I've been watching the pre-season and the fight for the 5th and 6th defencemen spot on this team has been pathetic. It's basically been down to Tanev, Weber, Corrado and Alberts, but none of them have really impressed me. To be honest Tanev hasn't stood out as much as he did last season, but compared to the other 3 he's been a stud.

Weber has had his offensive moments but has been caught out of position and schooled defensively, while Corrado has looked like a rookie - slow and often out of position. Then there's Alberts who may be throwing good hits but my god he's been straight-up embarassed time after time in this pre-season by NHL forwards.

As far as I'm concerned we need to fix this issue, and it can be done easily with UFAs. We have 2M in cap space, and here are some great candidates for the 5th/6th D man spot:

Steve Eminger - My personal favourite, 29 years old, shot-blocking machine, used to Tortorella's system, knows how to play a shutdown gritty role

Greg Zanon - 33 years old, best shot-blocker of the free agents, killed us when in Minnesota and would fit Tortorella's defensive style very well

Ian White - 29 years old and can play alright defence but brings some offence to our bottom pairing that was never there before

Tom Gilbert - Great passer but often caught flat-footed

Filip Kuba - Could be a great veteran presence (Sami Salo-like) and really help groom Tanev and Corrado who, right now, have no true veteran to look up to

With injuries likely to rack up due to Tortorella's shot-blocking style on defence, we need more bodies on the back-end than we have right now. We'll probably have at least 1 D-man down at a time and I never want to see the Alberts-Weber pairing again considering their combined -6 against the Sharks.

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Weber has been no worse positionally than Ehrhoff was. And how did we do with Ehrhoff again? It's pre-season. Would we like more legit depth yes....can we get it now that Franson is gone? No.

Let's just wait. Something tells me the first 10 games of this season will see a remaining UFA feeding frenzy

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I don't know about you guys, but I saw Weber throw that puck away a couple of times last game costing scoring chances, and If I am not mistaken, was on the ice for a few of the goals.

Just sayin, I did not like his defensive game. His slap shot is something else however.

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Wouldn't mind Wade Redden as a 6th D, unless I missed his retirement or something. Zanon or Kuba are interesting as well. Personally I'd like Alberts to be the 7th D instead of in the lineup every night and Weber the 8th, one of those three would be my choice. Gilbert is interesting but may cost too much and may not thrive under Torts, though Anton Stralman survived so Gilbert might be able too. But I'd rather one of the other 3.

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