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Mike Smith Pulls David Jones' Hair


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It’s only preseason, folks, and already Mike Smith — a man who enjoys his personal space — has had it with these pesky forwards.

After getting knocked over in his crease by the Calgary Flames’ Corban Knight in the first period of Wednesday’s exhibition game, Smith was again bowled over midway through the second frame. This time by David Jones, who was driving to the net.

Jones did not benefit from the free pass given to Knight, however.

Watch around the 40-second mark of the game highlights above. After crawling our from his net, Smith rips Jones’ helmet off, then snatches the 29-year-old by the hair.

It’s a nasty response that overshadows him getting run. Jones was dealt a two-minute goalie-interference penalty on the play, and Coyotes defenceman Oliver Ekman-Larssen was dealt two minutes for roughing up Jones.

Smith may have got the last laugh, going unpenalized in his 29-save 3-2 overtime victory, but very few hockey fans are pro hair pulling. Not exactly the Olympic spirit, Mr. Smith:

Mike Smith is pulling hair. Yep, hockey is back.

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Right thanks it was Boedker. I realize the two situations are different. I know it was completely accidental and Boedker was classy for apologizing and helping Luo, but I was just bringing it up to paint the the image of what the stories in the news would have been if the clip above was Luongo instead of Smith.

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