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Dell Inspiron 15

Sergei Bobrovsky

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I am finally getting a new laptop in the next month or two.

Just wondering if a Dell Inspiron 15 is capable of running this short list of things without having issues with lag

-latest version of sony vegas


-roman total war 2

Somebody with knowledge in this specific field I need your answers!

Inspiron 12: http://www.dell.com/...iron-15-3521/pd

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I bought a Dell XPS 15, about 2.5 years ago, and it's falling apart on me. Different systems keep on failing.

I bought this Dell because of a good experience with an even older Dell, but this one is so quickly on its last legs that I will never buy a Dell laptop again. (although that really old one is still running strong after 7/8 years somehow. Still has a battery life over an hour too, lol)

I'm probably going to replace this piece of junk with an MSI gaming laptop.

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