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breaking bad - should I watch it?


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I didn't like it. I watched the first 2 seasons and a bit of season 3, and I just couldn't make myself keep watching. It was just too dark and out there imo. But take it for what it's worth from a guy who likes shows like Prison Break and 24....

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An over qualified chemistry high school teacher resorts to cooking ridiculously pure meth with a slacker student after he gets diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. His wife is pregnant, his teen son has cerebral palsy and the medical bills pile up so it's his way to pay for everything and then some. You watch the trial and error of the two setting up their territory and juggle their night job and keep up with the lies. Cartels get involved. And the main guy's brother in law is a DEA officer hellbent on finding the new dealer. It's great

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Um. No. I spoiled the first ten minutes of the show for you. There's no way for you to understand what the show is about otherwise. This isn't a GoT like show with big moments. It's a gradual character development. Like the Sopranos. You can't just with one or two episodes. Give it a season

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