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no one is really discussing that he failed to go out and get a 3C

we have 14 forwards on our roster and 1.1mill of cap space

our roster includes

Jordan Schroeder 1.0mill

Sestito .750

Richardson 1.15.mill

Santorelli .550

Dalpe .550

weiss .750

Gordon signed in edmonton for 3mill

our cap space + JS into the minors and get rid of richardsson and boom we have 3 mill to sign a 3C

or get rid of sestito, dalpe, richardsson and our cap space and we have 3mill

not sure why no one is tearing Gillis a new one for this poor management - we have too many useless guys at small cap hits and he failed to just go out and pay a price to get what we need. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

JS to the minors, let him tear it up there, call him up and see how he does, or trade him in a package deal - whatever, but this is ridiculous

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