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This team lacks young, quality NHLers.


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The Canucks have lacked young players who can actually play for a long time now... I can name at least one young NHLer on each team in our divison who actually makes an impact...

Edmonton: Hall, Nuge, Yakupov, Eberle, Schultz

San Jose: Couture

Anaheim: Jakub Silfverberg, Fowler, Etem, Palmieri

LA: Slava Voynov, Doughty

Phoenix: OEL, Rundblad, Boedker, Stone

Calgary: Backlund, Baertschi (To a lesser extent), Brodie

Yes, even SAN JOSE has an impactful young player in their lineup.....

Look at Chicago....

Tazer- 25

Kaner - 24

Shaw- 22

Saad- 20

Leddy - 22

They have 5 young players who actually make an impact mixed with veterans. THIS is the key to success...

Youth is HUGE in a lineup and that's something the Canucks kind of have, but their youth is no where near close to the caliber of the guys I listed... Last actual impactful youthful player the Canucks have had was Hodgson, but of course MG gave him away for scraps...

I don't think I could name a team without at least one young player that makes an impact.... The Canucks have NONE

Youngest players on Canucks roster:

Dalpe: Doesn't count

Kassian: Has disappointed and failed to make a big impact at the NHL level

Schroeder: Undersized, hasn't done much

Tanev: Solid #6 d-man... nothing more.

Just to be clear I am not talking about prospects here... I'm talking about pretty much full time YOUNG Nhlers.

I am hoping Shinkaruk becomes that type of player for the Canucks but he is still a PROSPECT. I say, if the Canucks don't make the playoffs or get embarrassed in the first round again, we unload the older players for young, impactful nhlers.

This is a problem I've noticed for a while now and one I'd like to see addressed.

Youth is KEY.

Your thoughts on this?

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That is what happens when you are successful .. the crap teams get all the top prospects .. it takes years to build a team like Vancouver STILL has .. Edmonton may lose half their 'stars' before they even peak, due to cap and location .. you state the obvious without a lick of explanation, says I ..

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Rubbish. This summer they have recycled some fringe players into younger, more affordable contracts. It was necessary with the 64.3 mill cap. They've also transitioned to more local kids. All while restocking the shelves for 2014~onwards.

These moves will make sense over the coming months. All we need is some established vets regaining form, while finally(& hopefully, touch wood), staying in good health.

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It's hard to get and I quote from the title "Young, Quality NHLers" when in the last 5 years we've been 1st in the NHL twice and won 6 division titles in the last 7 years.. Try getting "Young, Quality NHLers" when picking at least 24th and above each year... :picard: And about Couture, Bo Horvat also 9th overall and also traded for.. Ding.. Ding.. Ding... I thought school was in session? Don't you have a bed time young man?

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