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I think possibly the most logical troll who isn't really a troll is a guy on the TSn site named Pepstilence. At first I thought he was just genuinely overly critical and hateful about everything the team did. Then I started reading into his posts and found that he is a genuine fan with a more realistic outlook on the team and some of the approaches to improvement Gillis has taken.

Nobody and I do mean NOBODY can applaud everything this team does. Chris Banks is right to an extent that some people are just overly critical about anytime you critique the team. The team deserves critique, it is inside and outside opinion which shapes the team and the fan base.

Trolls are those who just come on here and post inflammatory nonsense about a team, who jog a thread just to get responses. Basically someone lacking a moral identity or a social life.

Case in point would be the "New Look Canucks" thread by MLT. That is a whining troll thread. On the opposite side would eb someone genuinely critiquing the pick up of say Dalpe and Stanton when there is still so many UFA's with experience out there or bigger bodies or more skilled players in positions we need to define our depth in.

Nobody likes trolls, but a troll is a troll is a troll. And a fan is someone who actually knows what they're attempting to talk about. Someone with the actual knowledge to say Stanton could be a great pickup over Blum whom everyone else was saying we should dive in for as Stanton has the defineable depth qualities we need.

Anyways, back tot he topic at hand, I hate trolls

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Isn't wit the best weapon?

I like to make them out themselves by allowing them to talk themselves into a corner. Had the pleasure of doing that the other day with a new poster who claimed to have worked for several NHL teams at a high level and had more expertise than Bobby Mac. It could have been true, although his lack of ability to support his argument seemed a dead giveaway, until he just have up after he made himself the fool.

That's hunting trolls, theminister style.

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