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Interesting theory. Considering how we know a certain Canuck who also opened his 4th season (but really that first game after closing out his sophomore season) as a negative and yet who went on to become a highly regarded Selke winner....

Oct 2nd 2013 - Hodgson's post-sophomore season opener -2 in a 2-1 loss to Detroit

Oct 5th 2007 - Kesler's post-sophomore season opener -3 in a 3-1 loss to San Jose


Now, I'm not saying Hodgson will ever win a Selke or other award, but the cast of CDC characters who leap on anyone who raises concerns for the home team after 10 games and yet leap to dismal career projections and generally bashing a kid based on 1 game are..... well, hypocrites. And funny. In that goofy sorta funny way.

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Correct me if I am wrong............

Kesler played in 2003-04 his rookie year. 28 games.

2005-06 was his sophmore year 80 games

2006-07 would have been this highly selective 'post sophmore' year . More commonly known as his 'third' year.

So what was he in Oct 2006 in the canucks first game?

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Coho is getting what he wanted in Buffalo, which is more ice time and more responsibility. It stands to reason that there are going to be growing pains with regards to his defensive game. Obviously, the Sabres have decided that they can live with it because of what he brings to the table offensively.

He's playing in the top six, on a team that isn't very good. Add to that the fact that his goaltender who was formerly an all-star and Olympian, is in the midst of a three year slump....

It takes time to build a strong defensive game, especially if it wasn't a strength to begin with. If he's still struggling a few years down the road, then it might be time for Buffalo to start worrying...

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Are you frigging joking.

Let if go you deranged creeps, He got traded he's gone give it up.

I seriously see a lot of you stalking your ex girlfiriends late at night outside of their homes reading their mail etc with your pathetic obsessions with an ex player from this team.

You're sad, tragic and kind of scary in a creepy stalkerish kind of way.

Move on with your lives.

In other news Miller lost a game, let's start a thread about that. A ref fell down in last nights game let us start a thread about that as well.

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Report out of Buffalo indicates Cody had Frosted Flakes for breakfast this mourning. Type of milk used: 1% Skim, Additional Toppings: 1 Banana cut into 3mm pieces. He sat down in the team room at table 3, seat 2. It took him 7min to finish the bowl. More to come.

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