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Rogers Arena new lighting


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From the news1130 website. It looks like Roger's Arena will have some new lighting this season, including all the stanchions lighting up when a goal is scored.


VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – The Vancouver Canucks will be looking for redemption after last night’s season-opening loss in San Jose and they plan to start things at home in dramatic fashion.

The Canucks will be revealing a new “fan experience” and a lighting system they hope will amp up the crowd in a big way ahead of each home game.

The production is described as “harder and grittier” and comes from the folks atJuicy Studios in Rossland. It’s a dream come true for creative director and owner Scotty Carlson.

“I’m definitely a big Canucks fan — a lifelong fan,” he tells News1130 from his small town studio, which is becoming well known internationally for its action sports videos and its work with global brands like EA Sports, Specialized, and The North Face.

“Obviously there’s been a lot of change over the summer months and shift in the tone of what the Canucks are about. Being a fan, I also have some pretty strong feelings about what I wanted to see portrayed by the team visually,” says Carlson. “We came up with something a lot more aggressive in tone, a lot grittier. It really focuses on that idea of rebuilding and forging a new identity — leaving the past behind and moving into something new and bold.”

He also wanted to embody the spirit of true Canucks fans. “It’s really there to kind of grab hold of that feeling we all have and really put it up on the screen and get people behind it.”

Local composer Ajay Bhattacharyya provided the score and Carlson thinks he hit it out of the park. “Or out of the rink, I guess. What he did was incredible, it definitely has more of a hip-hop feel to it, it’s a lot bigger sounding. With the stadium we wanted to really fill it and push it all the way up to the rafters and he definitely delivered that,” he says.

Vancouver rapper Kyprios narrates the video and added “musical tone” and Carlson says the entire production is BC-made.

“From the visual effects artists to the composer to voice talent and cinematographers — everybody that was involved is local. Even the metalwork and everything else we had done for the show was done here and done for this team.”

The Canucks hope fans will be on the edge of their seats ahead of tomorrow night’s game against the Edmonton Oilers.”Every year we set out to deliver the best live game experience possible for our fans and this year we think we have a number of developments we think will take it to the next level,” says Ali Gardiner, vice-president of brand development for the Canucks.

That includes a new state of the art lighting system that will debut 76 programmable “celebration lights” built into each of the ice-level stanchions along the glass.

The Canucks are the first NHL team to introduce this type of lighting to in-game entertainment. “It will definitely heighten some of the big moments throughout the game. All around the glass can be lit up in any arrangement or design and it does have a huge impact. We’ve been doing rehearsals and it’s really cool. And it’s the first of its kind in BC or anywhere else,” she says.

Game time is 7pm Saturday.

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