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Would you trade Edler if....? Something to ponder



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Just like to ask you all what you think. Would you trade Edler if it meant getting two legit proven NHL forwards back in return? like a 2nd line scoring winger and a veteran 3rd or 4th liner plus 2nd round pick?

As it is right now, there's a huge drop off in offensive skill after top two lines. More so now that Burrows might be injured after being seen limping around after the game last night.


Top offensively dependable forwards






Most inconsistent forwards (can any of these forwards contribute more consistently than in past)






Big question marks







Though the future looks bright with Horvat, Shinkaruk, Guance, and Jensen a few years away from being regulars. So at least there are some skilled forwards in the system on the way.

I really think Canucks should explore the Edler trade route further, maybe packaging Jordan Schroeder with Edler would bring us a great return.

This is a hypothetical question, I know there is slim chance of a trade like this transpiring. Especially with Gillis at the helm.


Separate question

When do you think Gillis will get fired?

Lets face it, he's F'd up a lot as GM.

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Maybe, though it would be the left D's that look thin with him gone. I mean of course the team could call Corrado up for Top 4 minutes but will he be ready? What if he's not? Who will fill the minutes that Alex leaves behind? I'd be up for it as long as there's someone to replace his minutes and points, otherwise we'd be in even worse shape.

Also, I'm of the perception that some relatively lateral trades (if the possibility for them comes up) could already help this team. For instance, if Booth stays on the 3rd but plays better I'd like to see the team try for Hemsky in a swap (throw in a pick to balance things out). Ales has the skill to make things happen when nothing seems to be working (yes Booth's skill and aggression are good but Hemmer's talents are off the charts), and it's his contract's last year so he should be motivated, and his playing style is what's missing on the 2nd line. Burrows or Higgins should complement that line well.

Also, I know that people don't like trading with the Panthers, but why not get someone like Matthias? He's still only 25, has experience playing on their 1st line last season (and did alright), and he'd definitely patch up the gap on the 3rd line. I wonder if dangling Schroeder for them could get it done?

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