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Time to increase the bottle deposit?


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Isn't it time that we up the deposit/refund you get on drink bottles? Now that we've gotten rid of the penny, a returned bottle is worth literally the lowest possible amount of money. Come on, this isn't 1999!

I think it's time to double it. Regular drink bottles 10 cents, 2L 40 cents, and alcohol 20 cents. This probably seems like a really small issue, but here are the benefits:

- recycling rates go up

- people in poverty who rely on bottles for extra money see that income double

- fundraisers such as bottle drives become twice as effective

Only drawback would be your $14 6-pack would cost 60 cents more, IF you didn't recycle.

How can I make this happen?

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They already go through your trash, now they'll just get more value out of it. Besides who cares, it's literally garbage. Are we so superiour that even our garbage is too good for homeless people?

On a more serious note lots of people who dig for bottles aren't homeless or drug addicts, they're just really poor and they don't have too many options.

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It's worthy of some thought. Most people I know don't care enough to even recycle them anymore, some give to a charity pick up service, others just throw them out. Anyways, it's not worth a lot of people's time anymore.

Seriously, if it takes you an hour (roundtrip) sorting/driving to the depot and around $2-5 dollars gas. The thirty or so dollars isn't worth it to a lot of people.

Upping it would make it more of an incentive to recycle, and that's the point right. Just my two ¢

...er five ¢.

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I like having the homeless around where I live. Not a lot of them, jsut enough so I can leave a case of emptys by the dumpster and know itll be gone shortly. Somebody whos got nothing but time can spend the time returning it.

Should the deposit go up? I dont know. Im sure the Gov spent $100 million on an inconclusive study about it.

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