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Do the Sedins shoot enough?


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Last night the 1st line only had 2 shots on net, both by Henrik.

Over Daniel's regular season career he has averaged 2.6 shots per game.

Over Henrik's regular season career he has averaged 1.5 shots per game.

Think about that in comparison to Ovechkin who averages 5.1 shots per game.

I know Ovie is a puck hog and the Sedin's play more of a puck possession/cycling game but I'd like to see them shoot more, especially Daniel who has 40 goal potential. I hate to say it but he hasn't looked the same since the Duncan Keith elbow...

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Relax, Daniel's fine - if you do some research, you can find interviews by the Twins' saying they were working more on a two-way game the last couple of years; and this shotblocking/ PK Time is the first step in that.

Next step is for them to bring the offense they are known for; and ADD the defensive edge to their game; if they can do that, we'll have a couple of late blooming legends in my eyes; especially if they can keep going as consistently as they have over the years.

I think part of it is the way they play - they don't necessarily get shots on the next; but they get lots of chances on goal, if you get my meaining.

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