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[VID] Henrik Sedin After Hours 10/5/2013

M A K A V E L I 96

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Loved that interview. Henrik - completely honest and always making perfect sense as usual.

Had to laugh at them asking if Tortorella can distinguish the two yet... and the fact that Mr Universe didn't know who he is (not a fan of him ever since his rant about a 'drunk Canadian kicker').

Anyhow, I think Tortorella with this group is an interesting mix of elements. You have a veteran core that is extremely honest and hardworking - that are also pretty low-key personality types - Sedins, Hamhius, Garrison, Hansen, Higgins, Edler, Burrows... I think Tortorella's firey nature could make for an interesting mix. These guys are intelligent hockey players - Tortorella will undoubtedly learn from them in turn - and bring an element that might supplement them well. Torts can get worked up and on the odd occasion he may go a bit overboard, these guys are pretty grounded - can command the mutual respect to keep things in perspective. Who knows - the seemingly odd fit could be of benefit to both.

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Hank couldn't be more humble in front of the camera if he tried. Very Gretzky-esque responses, with a good dose of humour. It sure reminds me of how lucky we as Canucks fans have been to have such a class act and all round superstar a captain. He deserves all the good fortune that ever comes to him.

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