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Mafia: il Gioco Ponte

Alchemy Time

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Everyone here knows how mafia works, so no need to explain the rules.

However, this game is slightly different. Everyone in this game is a Serial Killer.

This game is meant as a filler while we wait for more players, so everyone who had already signed up at the time of this thread's creation can PM me to let me know they want to play.

Those who have signed up, please PM me if you wish to participate.

The first nightfall is tonight. Nightfall will be at 9:30pm PT every night for the duration of the game (likely no more than 2 or 3 rounds).

Due to the fact that everyone will be an SK, there is no precedence for kills, except lynching. Meaning even if a player is killed, their kill will still go through, unless they were lynched.

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