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The Cost of Being a Canucks Fan


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(sorry if this has already been posted, I lazily looked over and couldn't find it)

Anywho I found this article pretty interesting: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/the-cost-of-being-a-canucks-fan-1.1914215

The Vancouver Canucks' home opener against the Edmonton Oilers on Saturday marks the start of an expensive season for hockey fans.

The cheapest ticket on sale for the Canucks' home opener cost $97, but a night at Rogers Arena can end up costing hundreds of dollars.

Canucks fan Todd Miller spent nearly $700 to travel from the Okanagan and support his team. He says he loves the game but hates the cost.

"I know more than other people the cost of being a Canucks fan," he said.

"Unfortunately for families, it's probably priced them out of coming to the events like these, but for people like me, it's a once or twice a year experience."

Henry Baker of North Vancouver says he can't afford the $1000 it would cost to take his family of five to a game.

"That's why we came to go to the team store to look around and check out the atmosphere but it's too expensive. Especially when you got kids," he said.

The Canucks' away game in Calgary on Sunday and their next home game, against the New Jersey Devils, were slightly cheaper, with tickets costing around $60.

But it remains cheaper to be a fan of Vancouver's soccer or football teams instead.

Tickets for the Vancouver Whitecaps on Sunday cost only $28.26 and you can see a BC Lions game next week for only $32.

Kingsley Bailey of Vancouver Tickets sees the high cost of being a Canucks fan taking its toll, with many tickets for the opening game going unsold.

Bailey believes the owners know the fans will pay whatever it takes to go to the game.

"They got us right where they want us," he said.

"They know if you want to be a fan of the Vancouver Canucks...they've got you. I see so many fans that come in from the outer reaches of the province."

Bailey says many tickets this weekend did not even go to Canucks fans, instead being bought up by Saskatchewan Roughrider fans in town for Friday's game against the BC Lions.

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it really should say the Cost for families or groups going to games those tickets will always be the highest while a single person like me can see most games with the single seat half price tickets below 100 dollars

i remember one year i went to 16 games the most i paid was 90 dollars can't remember the team but there was games against nashville and columbus i paid like 60 bucks was always sitting around the offensive line row 6-7 upperbowl greats seats

unfortunately not working right now due to medical reasons or else i would be looking for games to go when i was working i was averaging 5-6 games a year up until last year

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And a really tough thing is if you save up the huge $$ to bring your family once every couple years, there is a risk that the game you see just sucks. Really tough when that happens and why players really need to undserstand the importance of bringing it every night.

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Meh, even low wage earners can usually work 1 extra shift and make enough to afford a cheap seat for a game.

As mentioned above, its the person trying to cart their whole family to a game that spends like crazy. Canucks aren't so much the expensive part so much as having the family. Long story short, if you want to have the family and cart them everywhere with you, you may not be able to enjoy the most popular and expensive trend in the lower mainland anymore. It amazes me how many people feel they are entitled to having multi-million dollar assets perform for their children's personal entertainment without having to spend much money.

I understand the price is too much for a lot of people, but given there is only so many seats in the arena, the price seems fair enough. I don't attend games anymore, used to go quite a bit (though for me its not the price that keeps me away). Personally, I find it easy enough to watch each game on the TV for free.

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I've travelled from the UK to watch the Canucks. I've done this four out of five years now and took in a few games at a time. The cost of a flight is £420, them accommodation which is another $400 and finally the tickets $350. So yeah it's expensive but they're my team.

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I thought the topic was going to be about taking crap from fans around the league because of no SC, having to stomach the commentators on CBC/TSN or read what the Van media is coming up with.

But yeah, they do charge too much for tickets; especially seeing as some of the $ goes to teams with smaller fan bases that pay way less for their tickets. Fla will probably win a cup before Van. Won't that suck royally?

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