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Lack of Edge(not Eddie Lack)


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John Shorthouse brought up a good point tonight after the game..he said that tonights game was played with no edge and very little intensity which is an observation that is not wrong.

He said this may be due to the fact Eastern teams hardly come here, NJD havnt been here for 2 seasons and there is no animosity built up like the teams we play in our own division or conference 4-6 times a season.

The intensity we show when we play SJ, Chicago and LA far exceeds the intensity we display when we play NJD, Fla, Carolina, and Tampa,,,granted , there are some exceptions to that, Boston,Leafs and Habs I would guess, but I thought it was a good point and worth passing along.

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I noticed that as well. There's no real history with these Eastern teams so really no hate to drive that edginess and intensity.

NJD also played like it was the second of back to backs...which it was. Cautious while not taking many chances.

They probably lulled the Canucks to sleep a little bit.

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