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Assorted Canucks news from practice and Torts

Everybody Hates Raymond

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All news coming from Farhan Lalji's Twitter. Can't post the exact tweets but I'll paraphrase them!

- Santorelli staying with the Sedins for now against SJ

- Booth was kept out of training camp as a precaution, Torts says Booth is "weird"

- Torts says he doesn't expect to see much of Vancouver until late June as he expects the Canucks will be busy throughout that month

I'll update with more if any more is up, but just go check Lalji's Twitter for the exact tweets. Not worth posting them in here for double info.

I love Torts for both of the things he said and did... Gave Santo the ice time he's EARNED along with the absolute confidence echoing from his statement about playing in June!

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Before Torts was named, I was hoping he'd get the call only because he appeared to represent the most refreshing - and so entertaining - character among the interviewees. Then after he was named HC, I was cautiously optimistic that after the refreshing character part, he'd show some substance too, and he sure has. I've liked the genuine thoughtful honesty from the moment he explained why he'd be watching a pre-season game from the pressbox - he didn't pretend he hadn't already said he'd be the bench box, he just said he changed his mind because he wasn't a "good enough coach" to both hands on coach the game to win it and have a long look at the prospects.

With Torts it appears that "refreshing" also equates to honestly appraising himself and his limits. I'm hopeful that when something goes wrong that's on him, he'll own it rather than laugh it off with gum chewing and toss a player under the deflection bus.

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