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(GAME) Merge the Flames and Oilers into one team

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Since both Alberta hockey teams kind of suck, I thought it would be fun to see what kind of team we could make if we combined players from both teams into one single Albertan team. We'll call our team the Alberta Tarsands.










Think they have a shot of making the playoffs? Beating the Canucks?

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I see I inspired this thread :P

As for the lines, I'd put Stempniak in there instead of Smyth. Maybe get Glencross in there too for someone. Also MacDonald has shown to be the best goalie out of both teams thus far.

Either way, there's very few teams that this combo would beat in a playoff series, if they could even make it there, which is doubtful.

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lol, most of your custom team is the Oilers. Not surprised though, mine will probably be the same

Honestly, the Oilers don't have a bad team.

Flames are another story though.

Here would be mine:

Hall - RBH - Eberle

Perron - Gagne - Yakupov

Baertchi - Monohan - Hemsky

Glencross - Hudler - Smyth

Giordano - Schultz

Ference - Wideman

Smid - O'Brien


Doesn't Matter

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Hall - RNH - Eberle

Perron - Gagner - Yakupov

Baertschi - Monahan - Hemsky

Glencross - Backlund - Smyth

Giordano - Wideman

Ferrence - J. Schultz

N. Schultz - Petry



Pretty solid team. Sweet depth on offense and defense but questionable goaltending. Second round team at most.

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