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Edler's Suspension Closer Look Analysis


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First of all, I wanted to say that if I post in the suspension thread, it gets lost in the meddle so I wanted to separate this to grab your attention. I want to say that this suspension is not warranted and the Canucks should appeal the suspension. I would like to make a request to make a separate thread for the analysis purpose of why the league decide to suspend Edler.

Second of all, if you take a closer look at the replay, I do not want you to take a look at the hit but rather, look at the position of Edler's skate. Edler was actually ahead of the puck according to the position of the skate BEFORE the hit. When Hertl lunged, Edler had the momentum without making the move and is impossible to avoid the hit. Now, focus on Edler's stick, his stick was actually making the contact with the puck, when Hertl lunged low to try making the contact with the puck, the puck skipped over Edler's stick, therefore, passing by. So in my judgement, Edler was going to get the puck first before Hertl decide to lunge with his stick, no way he is going to take a control with the puck. If Hertl did not lunge, Edler would have stopped the puck with his stick.

Brenden failed to take a closer look at Edler's foot in which he actually has the right to pursue the puck, when he went after the board, his stick was going to touch first, Edler was focusing on the puck, not the stick and it is not his fault that he is so tall that it hit his shoulder and elbow was tucked in. When Hertl lunged, his head hit his shoulder with the momentum of his own, without realizing what it could have been done without his bonehead decision to lunge at the last moment.

The league failed on two count, the intention and the motive. There is no intention to injure and Edler's only crime was the right to pursue the puck and the right to win the puck race, look at Edler's stick in which Hertl tipped and skipped over Edler's hockey stick.

It baffles me that nobody notices with the closer look so this is the reason why I decided to create this separate thread for everybody to take a second and closer look.

Picture evidence

First pic, Edler has the position to the puck, BEFORE Hertl lunged. Look at his right skate and where the puck is. Hertl's head is actally behind Edler's shoulder just before the hit


Second pic: Hertl's contact point is actually at the back right shoulder of Edler. Hertl's stick was lunged to tip the puck


Third pic: Edler missed the puck because of a sightly nudge caused the hit by an inch.


Conclusion, no justification for the suspension. The Canucks actually has the evidence that the suspension is unjustified and should therefore appeal.




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