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Who Will Kassian play with?


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I think thru the next few weeks Kassian will be playing with the Sedins Santorelli played well with the Sedins on Thursdays game against the Shark scoring a nice tip goal but last season we saw glimpses of what could possibly end the line combo of Sedins and Burrows. Kassian went out of the gates getting 6 points in 11 games with the Sedins

I see this line combination happening throughout the whole season and Canucks will win the Cup if this line happens

What do you think? Who will Kassian play with?

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To be fair, he wrote one paragraph of regurgitated personal opinion (shaped from one poorly structured sentence and an add-on thought), clicked the 'return/enter' key a couple times, wrote another sentence lacking in substance and inserted two lame questions as though he actually wanted to engage thoughtful discussion and not just hear back how awesome a fan he is for his theories.

For my own part, I'm still stuck back on the OP's apparent logic... 6 points in 11 games makes a 1st line for a cup winner eh? Interesting. Guess the Sedins can stop being 1pt/game players now ;)

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According to the news this morning, Kass has been skating on the 4th in practice. My thinking is that that's where he'll be initially, not only to get him back up to game speed but also in hopes of kicking the 4th into a more consistently useful form. We're going to burn out our top players if the 4th line can't be trusted to play their share of ice time without losing the game for us.

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I think Kassian is going to get a shot on the first line, but will quickly prove that he should not be there.

After the smoke clears, he'll probably be on the 3rd line. He needs to play on a high-energy line where he gets motivated by his line-mates. I think that's the only real way to motivate him.

Right out of the gates:




scrub 4th line

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