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[Discussion/Proposal] Overflow of prospects making the team next year? Roster moves.


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It looks like we are going to have a good year next season, and we have a decent prospect pool which turns it to be do we have to move some roster players to make room for our prospects (Jensen, Schroeder, Horvat, Gaunce, Shinkaruk, Corrado, Tommernes)? With all of those players having a good chance of making the team, who do we move to make room? Do we keep some in the AHL?

Our forwards next year with the Sedins signed will look like Sedins, Kassian (RFA), Kesler, Burrows, Booth, Higgins, Hansen, Gaunce, Shinkaruk, Horvat, Schroeder, Jensen, Richardson, Santorelli (UFA), Sestito, Weise (RFA), Corrado, Tommernes, Weber?, Alberts?, Kenins?

Let me analyze the forwards first, our top 13 will probably look like this






Horvat, Shinkaruk, Schroeder, Jensen, Booth, can fill in the blanks but Santorelli is looking good so he could also be in that position. I think buying out Booth is the way to go, throw in Shinkaruk in the top 6, Gaunce vs Horvat gets the 3rd line center position, whoever loses goes back to AHL/Junior. Maybe throw Gaunce in the 4th line position if Horvat wins, Richardson and Santorelli as the wingers, let Weise and Sestito as depth? But then where do Schroeder and Jensen go?

Defense: Our top 10 defensemens will most likely look like, Hamhuis, Bieksa, Edler, Garrison, Tanev, Stanton, Tommernes, Corrado, Alberts and Weber. I say to not re-sign Alberts or Weber and let Tommernes and Corrado walk into the lineup.





If Corrado and Tanev are both ready to step into the top 6 then trade Bieksa if we can for anything so we can free up some cap space to get depth or prospects.

Goaltending: Lack and Eriksson are both good goaltenders battling for the back-up spot. If Eriksson improves a bit more than Lack then we'll have a dog fight for the back-up spot. Someone will have to play in the minors, hopefully when Luongo leaves we can have a Swedish duo in net with Eriksson and Lack.

Here is my proposal,

Trade, Booth and Higgins


3rd round pick and Brett Ritchie from Dallas.

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I'd be surprised if 3 young forwards make the lineup. Probably one of Horvat/Hunter/Gaunce. I'm guessing Horvat as a 3C. I also think they bring up Jensen at trade deadline this yr. So perhaps:



Hansen-Gaunce/Horvat- Higgins

Santorelli-Lain- Weise (or UFA)

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