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Sick and Tired of the NHL


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Over the years I thought we are being bias when calls go against us. This includes reffing,suspensions and video reviews. I thought I was just being a homer before. Then I realized not one call has gone our way.

I think the Kassian suspension was absolutely a joke. It was a freak accident for certain but I don't think it warned a suspension at all. So if someone's skate accidentally cuts a player will they also get suspended for wreck less use of the skate? That seems to be the logic of the NHL when dealing with the Canucks.

What I'm thinking is we make a difference as a community. We need to change this nonsense.

I got two proposals:

1. We can go through the media. If we can send enough emails to the media it will get tons of attention and they will create a story about it. Sending several emails from each of us to TSN and Sportsnet would certainly do the trick.

In this email we can outline the suspensions and compare them to similar incidents where there were no suspensions.

2. We can create a petetion of stop supporting the NHL. We can send it to the owners and the NHL. We go after what hurts them the most, and that's financially.

For example: Personally I attend 3-8 games a year and spend $200 in total with food and tickets. Also spend $300 on jerseys and other team gear. Finally, I watch around 70 games on TV.

Now that's a total of $900-$1900/ season directly spent.

I have convinced my entire family to join in. So overall that would be around $5,000 per season not including the games on TV.

If we don't see things changed the NHL will lose us as fans.

Now I know $5,000 isn't much for them but what if we can get 100 people or 1,000 or 10,000 or 100,000? That way we have a say.

So what do you guys think? Any other ideas?

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The season ticket wait list stretches for miles. Good luck persuading people in this town to not watch hockey.

That story angle was tried last year, to the result of a 1.2% increase of TV viewership in Feb 2013. You think it will work now that we are a season removed from the lockout - the pivotal time when fans should have been angry at the league?

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Akin to the peeved voter who threatens to withhold his vote from the "all-important" democracy.

If it frustrates you so deeply, probably better to develop other time-consuming hobbies. If Van ever does win, with how this league is run, it would be an unexpected miracle(like the '93 Habs, winning 10 STRAIGHT OT's).

This game is a rigged deck-unfortunately that's the truth.

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I've never been to Vegas. Gambling did a lot of damage to a couple of loved ones. If you gifted me a first class ticket(1st class everything), I'd suggest you pawn it off on anyone else. You couldn't pay me to go, because I'm opposed to that form of exploitation(dressed as entertainment). I've noticed my personal boycott probably hasn't affected their bottom line!

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Kassian deserved that suspension, he was completely reckless. Players can control where there stick is when they go to make a hit but they can't control how there legs go up in the air and whether or not their skates will make contact with another player when they are hit or have made a hit. You just need to grow up and realize nothing in life is fair and things don't always go your way. The problem with the NHL officiating isn't that there against certain teams its that they aren't consistent in the calls they make. Some teams like ours just get the short end of the stick.

Just support your team and stop your whining. S#!% Happens.

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You need to learn to emotionally detach yourself from the every day aspect of the team, it's not healthy. I finally managed to do that after Game 7, it wasn't worth the complete emotional investment anymore.

Don't get me wrong, I still support this team 100%, but I finally chose to not let myself become caught up in the emotion of it all, and I feel better for it. Muttering all day because your team lost, ugh, too depressing to think of all the time I wasted being pissed off at a hockey team I live half a world away from (born and raised in Vancouver though).

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