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What did Don Cherry just say about us?


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On coaches corner just now, Don cherry said something to the effect of "We arent gonna talk about it, but its really too bad whats happening in the Vancouver locker room right now. A lot of those guys ar emy friends but its really too bad." Is there some kind of situation going on? Or is he just dissing us?

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Yeah, what every one else said.

Regarding Hertl, Cherry basically said he shldnt have celebrated like that, that he shld have celebrated with class. He then gave an example of celebrating with class showing Jamie Benn's first of the season. Cherry said he doesnt blame the kid though bc thats how "they" celebrate over "there" (Czech/Europe) and no one taught him how to do so in nhl.

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Dumber trying to tell Dumb how to, or not to do, his job.


Yeah, we know better than any market how annoying Botchford is.

But telling him to shut up and giving him that kind of material to work with - and then pretending that comments made to guys who work in the public sphere, publish for a living, and thrown into an interview process are somehow private?

Everyone trying to make a victim out of Thornton in this instance need to give their heads a shake.

He blew a fuse, threw caution to the wind, didn't bother to edit himself, and let Botchford get the best of him.

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