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A perfect niche for Yannick Weber?


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I'm starting to think Yannick Weber should be trained by Canucks development to be one of those players that can play defense and forward to an extent. Reason being: power play specialist.

I think, if he becomes a 4th liner, he isn't taking a spot from the more deserving (IMO) Stanton or, down the road, Corrado. However, his place as a pointman on the PP could be a very valuable asset to us.

I dunno... I think he's better in that spot than Bieksa or Hamhuis, or even Edler a lot of the time... worth it for a crummy 4th line spot that we don't have anyone good to fill with at the moment anyways.

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not a bad idea.. I think Weber's getting a bad rap for that one period in pre-season but the guy is a hell of a hockey player, tons of potential and with a little defensive polishing could become a cheaper version of Garrison..

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