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Kesler is Nothing Special at all

Jordan Schroeder

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If this doesn't have substance than the mods clearly just locking this thread because it's deemed negative.

Ryan Kesler is suppose to be a 2nd line center for this team that is expected to score goals. I guess the management made the mistake of trading Cody Hodgson because he would have filled in nicely on the 2nd line. Can you imagine our team right now if they weren't stubborn about giving Hodgson a little more ice time? HE HAS NO EXCUSE THIS YEAR, he's HEALTHY. Last 2 seasons people kept giving him a pass because he was injured. I don't care about that excuse.




That trio of C's down the middle would have provided us with a real amazing 3rd line checking center, a up and coming offensive star in Hodgson and a 1st line superstar in Sedin.

He has no excuses, he's getting paid big dollars and he's already been cocky to the media about his production when asked earlier in the year. It's time for him to back up his words and show it on the ice.

Now our team has no depth, Kesler has regressed every season since his 40 goal campaign and we don't have any immediate help in the prospect pool.

Ryan Kesler offensively, he has pretty terrible offensive awareness and too much of a one man mentality going out on the ice. He's a shoot first player, but other teams have already figured out his shot. He fails to adapt and alter his game to open more space for himself and players around him. People say it's his wingeres that are bringing him down, but I say it's Kesler bringing down the entire line because of his lack of ability to dish the puck like most centers excel at.

Someone tell me why I'm wrong?

What offensive tools does he have other than his skating? He's got mediocre vision/passing, predictable shot, and terrible hockey iq.

Seriously, how is this thread not worthy of discussion?

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