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Kesler Lack of Production is Disturbing, Why?

Jordan Schroeder

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Kesler is one of the higher paid players on this team and is expected to provide much needed offense for this team. He's suppose to anchor a 2nd line that provides secondary scoring for the twins to alleviate pressure.

Right now his play is extremely worrisome and this thread is important for discussion because his play clearly impacts the success that this team will have this season. This trend of his offensive play has been going on for the better part of 2 seasons now. How can a player like be excused of such for so long?

He's been called out by AV in the past about not using his linemates properly. That's a fair criticism that is still seen in his game today. I'm starting to believe that it's not so much him not utilizing his teammates but rather his lack of vision and hockey iq at reading plays as they unfold.

His wrist shot has completely been taken away by opposing defenders yet he still constantly goes to that move. He needs to be coached properly, because it's quite clear that it's extremely unaffective now. If fans can see it, why hasn't the coaches talk to him about it? It surprises no one now...

So far this year he's shown that this role is far too much for him to handle. He's actually not even been a defensively reliable player either so what is he really providing for this team other than great face off wins? This team literally has no scoring up front other than the twins and santorelli. Kesler deservers a lot of the blame both offensive and defensively.

How can this situation be resolved? Because quite frankly we don't have any other means of improving our team other than trades.

Anyone else feel this way? I mean I think it's a fair thread and fair criticism to a somewhat cocky player on our team. Someone who is suppose to be a leader and provide offense.

Honestly please don't lock this thread. It has more substance than a lot more threads I see posted on here.

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Oh good, a third rehash of a locked thread. I see about 3 different threads on the first page these remarks could go in. As valid an argument as you may have, it can be discussed in other topics and doesn't need it's own, especially after your first two threads were locked. Read the board rules over and try again.

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