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When did the Canucks stop hitting?


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When did this team stop playing with a physical edge? Kesler, Kassian, Hansen all three of these players at any given time should at least be noticeable. I mean sure they may have had a few hits between them but these guys should be impact players game in game out. If not on the scoresheet, they should use their speed to grit out. I watched a team the past 2 games that had zero pushback which is what the sole purpose of these said players is. Sestito, what is the point in playing him when he doesn't lay the body? I saw him pass up on various opportunities to make an impact in last night's game. Where's the heart? Where's the guts? And don't tell me speed was the issue as the Canucks have players who can flat out fly too. Kesler a heart and soul player played with zero heart. I love this team to death but last nights effort made me feel ashamed to be a fan of this team.

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We traded / gave away all our size and grit

1. Torres

2. Glass

3. Lappierre

4. Not replacing Manny with size

and instead we have

1. Richardson, good faceoff guy and defensive player not physical

2. Weiss - does nothing

3. Tostito - see above

we dont have a 4th line and that's what their role is

our third line is muchkins

that's why we dont win in the playoffs

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He did, but call me foolish... I expected more. Montreal in my opinion that you have to play physical, you have to make these guys hesitate to use their flash. When the team needed a fight or a good hit to spark them there was no pushback. Kesler what was with all the talk preseason? You're supposed to be shutting up the doubters not feeding them ammunition. On another note I think Hamhuis had a pretty awful game too.

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You mean like this?

That's probably the biggest hit that I've seen a Canuck player throw in the last few years. Kesler and Kassian also had a couple nice solid hits too.

The Canucks know how to hit when they need to. They're not gonna go out of their way to throw a big hit though.

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Gillis fracked up this team.

We aren't skilled enough to play a skilled game and we aren't big or gritty enough to out hit or wear teams down.

We are slow now too, this team needs a new GM that can actually improve this team.

Kesler doesn't even look fast anymore... Our only fast players are like Weise, Dalpe, Hansen and Booth.... 2 of them being on the 4th line doesn't help....

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This team will look a lot different when healthy. Wait till November when they begin to steam roll. I really hope we see:





That's a very different forward group than what we are currently seeing.

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Yep somewhere along the way we lost our identity, which was play physical brand of hockey with speed -- basically what San Jose does well now. We weren't the biggest team but our guys always hit hard to cause mistakes and used speed to create turnovers. The part of the reason why teams hated us was because of this. We hit hard and sometimes those hits were on the edge. I mean, we had Cooke and Ruutu on the same team at the same time period on top of Burr and Kesler! Basically, we were pain in the ass to play against us; the opposition knew they were in for a physical battle when they came into GM place to play us.

Now, we rarely hit. Part of the blame goes to Gillis for his failed attempt at acquiring the necessary personnel i.e. trying to be like Boston but failing in the process. Part of the blame goes to the injuries and the aging of the players. For example, Kes is near 30 and Burr is well over 30; they know they can't play like when they were 25 without a high chance for an injury. We dearly need injection of youth, not necessarily the most skilled but someone (or two) who can take over the agitator role from Burr and Kes as they did from Cooke and Ruutu. These young guys will wake the crap out of the older players and encourage them to play harder.

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