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After yesterday's loss to the Canadiens, it's pretty evident that Luongo cannot save pucks. That hamhuis goal could have totally been avoided if Luongo just paid attention to what his dmen was doing instead of his next twitter post. After the johnathan quick goal, you would think that Luongo would stop snoozing but evidently not.

Luongo is clearly past his prime and pulling a brodeur. Let's face it boys, the canucks aint winning the cup.

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Solid post.

I mean the incredible detail you put into it is only outshone by the complete worthlessness of it

Seriously, if you need to cry, find a therapist. if you need attention go see your family. And if you need to self flagellate do it in your own dark room like every other child with emo like tendencies.

Don't just make yet another worthless post to waste space on this forum please

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