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Hello Everyone.

I did this last year in NHL 13 but stopped shortly after due to me being busy, but I'll give a quick run through.

Basically I'll be the general manager of a team in NHL 14's Be A GM Mode. But instead of me doing it alone I'll have the help of others. There will be different positions so everyone can get involved!

Ideal Positions:

Assistant General Manager - Jobs quite easy your my right hand man, help propose trades, help to find players to make our team better.

Head Coach - You take care of all the lines. You tell me the line-up, who's scratched, who you think should be sent up/down, players you don't want playing for the team or players you do want playing for the team.

Assistant Coach(es) - There will be one or two, your guys role would be PK and PP also maybe the AHL lines.

Head Scout - Would be in charge of who and where we scout. Player analysis for example maybe this team is looking for a young power forward you could jot down some idea's for us and give a little word or two about them also will be my right hand man at the drafts.

If anyone is interested drop me a PM or reply in the thread.

A team will be picked after the Positions are filled.

Also if you think of any other positions feel free to let me know!

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