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[Brawl] Canada and USA Women's hockey teams


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The rivalry between the Canadian and U.S. women’s hockey teams is intense, since the two teams are the sport’s top powers and have dominated the World Championships and Olympics. Canada won the gold medal at the Vancouver Olympics, but Team USA won the last world title.

The tension between the two teams spilled over into a rare brawl Saturday at Burlington, Vt., in a pre-Sochi Olympics contest. U.S. forward Jocelyne Lamoureux clipped Canadian goaltender Shannon Szabados, prompting retaliation from Canada’s Courtney Birchard and starting a full-out fight.

It was really more pushing and shoving than outright punching because players are required to wear full face protection, which rules out punching. Here is one linkto the action, and here's another.

This wasn't the first time the teams have tussled as they prepared for the Olympic hockey tournament.

Canada won the game, 3-2, and the teams will meet again on Thursday in a suburb of Montreal.

USA Hockey’s website has the game story and comments, as well as the U.S. women’s team pre-Olympic schedule.

- LA Times

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well on the u.s side ya gotta know these are not the daughters of the tea party, they like to send other sons n daughters to war or conflict.

meanwhile on the canadian side, stephen harper and john baird have become even more frightened of canadian women!

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