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[Report] Manny Malhotra gets a second chance, will play for Hurricanes

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Dimitri Filipovic@DimFilipovic 4m

John Shannon just said that the Hurricanes will probably wait another couple of games, but that Malhotra will probably be up with them soon.

Heard it on air as well, but using this tweet from CanucksArmy writer Dimitry Filipovic as a source for the time being.

Very happy for Manny. I wish him nothing but success!

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Not confirmed, Rutherford said he'll take 5-6 games to decide, if he does play in the NHL, good luck Manny!

Yup, heard that on Hockey Central. Apparently Manny's been dominating in the faceoff circle.

Good news but I hope he's not putting himself in danger. There was a play the other day where Marc Staal had a guy coming at him in his periphery. Because his eye is so badly damaged, he didn't even see the guy coming. His whole bench had to yell at him and only then did he duck out of the way of a huge hit. Hope Manny isn't in that situation.

If he does manage to play in the NHL again, it'd be a real shame on Gillis's part to have let him go. He was the best defensive center we've ever had.

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I'm curious as to how player insurance works. Lets say we have a healthy Malhotra and he signs a 3 year- 9 million dollar deal. He gets injured and the team pays him for the remainder of the contract with team insurance perhaps kicking in. What happens after the three years? Do players routinely take out their own extended insurance?

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