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Early season playoff check


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I think the Canucks still hold their playoff destiny in their own hands, but its not nearly as certain as I once though it was.

I assumed the Canucks would be a top 3 team in the division no problem and therefore automatically in.

I know we're only a bit in, but there's little reason to believe we'll beat SJ for top spot. If Anaheim keeps going, that means we have to grab the third spot, or pray to make one of the other top two spots on the crossover. LA and Phoenix will likely compete for # 3 (please nobody mention Calgary as they won't be there come playoff time) so its going to be tough.

How do Canuck fans feel? Confident, on the bubble, concerned?

I'm on the bubble, but barring a complete flop, I don't see how we dont' make one of the two crossover spots.

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