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On the Brink:How not to get banned


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So I currently have 4 warning points. We all know what will happen if I get 1 more. For some reason, even if I know that my "violations" are within the board rules, I am on the watchlist as I don't usually go with the flow aka "homer". I am also contesting what others are saying that I'm a troll. I think, honestly, I'm in between because I call it as I see it because I am not after reputation points that most of you are after. I know for a fact that most of you go to your profile and take a picture of your rep points in your smart phones and show it off to your girlfriends or friends. Having said this, I am a good listener and would like to ask what can I do to avoid the last 1. Please, no captain obvious like obey the rules or don't post. I want something specific and don't ask me to not post as it's like asking a dog to stop barking. Please tell me anything, everything including trying to befriend mods, I could send them chocolates and especially the holidays are just around the corner. Thank you in advance!!!

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