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[VID] The End

M A K A V E L I 96

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There won't be any more Canucks highlights on my YT chan due to the NHL filing copyright complaints and blocking the videos. Last time it was just for the Kassian fight and I re-uploaded without it. Now, they're doing it for the entire video (Sabres game) and a lot of older highlights as well.

It was a good couple of years and thanks for watching.


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M A K A V E L I I'm really sorry to hear that you've been taken out of the game.

Your highlight reel was a must-watch after each game and those clips about Poking The Bear" were epic.

It wasn't just the highlights but the creative element you brought to each video.

They'll be missed!

And thank you for putting out 2 years of top shelf material!

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What the hell mannnnnn, just yesterday i posted that all of maks videos are a work of art. Question, are they not letting you put up game highlights but letting you still keep your hilarious videos that are mashed up clips? If they take those down that would be a shame.

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