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NHL Gamecenter Live in Europe


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Not sure if this is the right forum to put this in, but here goes.

I can´t seem to catch the live NHL games in Europe (Norway). I´ve read the FAQs and tried contacting gclsupport, but I´m no closer to a solution. gclsupport didn´t even answer.. I could watch the live games last year, but not anymore. My account is on auto-subscribe, so it renews my subscription to GCL before the start of a new season. All I can do now is watch the games in NHL Vault, which has a blackout for 48 hours..

Does anyone have any experience with GCL in Europe/Scandinavia? Are there any other sites where I can view the games with decent quality and sound?

Would really like to fix this in time for the Pens-game, as it starts at 7.00 pm saturday night here in Norway.

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