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Laura Szendrei’s killer sentenced as adult, gets life in prison


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UPDATE: There was applause in the courtroom today as Laura Szendrei’s killer was sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for at least seven years.

After the sentence was announced, the accused stood up and said he was sorry for the pain he caused everyone.

The publication ban on the name of Szendrei’s killer remains in place despite adult sentence.

15-year-old Szendrei was severely beaten in September 2010 in a park in Delta, B.C.

The girl died the next day in hospital.

The 21-year-old man pleaded guilty last year to second-degree murder. He was only days shy of his 18th birthday at the time of the murder.

Today, the judge said a lengthy sentence was needed for Szendrei’s killer, and a youth sentence was not appropriate. He said the accused showed a level of maturity appropriate to a person on the verge of adulthood and was adequately socialized.

The judge also rejected any claims that Szendrei’s killer has been rehabilitated while in custody.

The court heard the murder of Laura Szendrei has struck enduring fear into every Delta parent and likely future parents.

The Surrey courtroom was packed this morning as the friends and family of Laura Szendrei were waiting to hear the verdict. At one point, two family members had to leave courtroom in tears as the details of Szendrei’s murder were read out by the judge.

Laura’s mother told reporters after the sentence hearing, “it is unfortunate that my daughter got sacrificed, but it’s a good thing that the justice system came through for us. And that everybody in Delta will be a lot safer.”

The judge will be hearing arguments on the existing publication ban in the weeks ahead.

Delta police released the following statement about the court’s decision this afternoon:

“This is a tragic event that shook the foundation of our community and was especially devastating to our young people. Our thoughts are with the families during these very sad and difficult times.

We conducted an extensive investigation and I’m pleased we could bring the evidence and facts and the person responsible before the courts.

We respect and support the decision of the court in this matter.”

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Skip all the proceedings. he's guilty, he's been tried as an adult. I can clear the mess up for 48 cents a shell. No waste of tax dollars or time for this piece of filth.

You do not rehab a predatory animal like this, same goes with rapists child molesters and the child abusers.

Personally i'd just take em out back shoot em mulch them and redistribute them across barren soil in hopes that they might actually contribute to the world one day, much like compost

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I won't comment on this case cause i don't know all the details. But I believe in certain cases rehabilitation is possible.

For example, when a vet who is suffering from PTSD that is never treated, snaps and kills someone. Although their actions are reprehensible, they have a mental disorder that caused them to do it. With treatment they can become functioning members of society again.

In cases of mental disorder, society needs to point the finger at itself for letting people like that fall through the cracks IMO.

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Because of time served, he will be released before 2020.

Still 7 years is nothing considering his age when he gets out. He will only be in his twenties.

He committed the crime before 18, so 7 is the max. For people who commit 2nd degree murder after 18, the sentence range from 10 to 25 years.

So much for justice Canadian style.

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