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[PGT] Canucks 3-4 Penguins


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Bummed we didn't get the win, but happy with how the team played hard the full game.

Still not happy with the one hit on Higgins. Seemed high and blindside to me. And anyone else notice the play for a high puck that looked like the Hansen on Hossa play where Higgins got hit in the head and dropped to the ice? I'll go ahead and register my outrage at the NHL's lack of action on either when Canucks have been suspended for similar or less.
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[quote name='DeNiro' timestamp='1382212132' post='11730788']
Great game!

Canucks showed they were just as good as the Pens. they actually outplayed them for most of the game.

Somebody had to win it though. They just have more skilled shooters than us.

the penguins are missing Neal and letang.
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