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Healy bashes on Torts again in Hotstove Tonight

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About Torts not being a fan of the Edler suspension. This occurs at 2:46.

Also some interesting tidibts out of Hotstove.

- No Europe games next year
- We seem to be headed towards a world cup

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I dinna even watch those pathetic 'turds' anymore .. the whole lot of them, with the exception of Elliot Friedman should be released from their contracts .. Ron, Don and the whole Studio 42 Poo Crew .. sad bunch of ninnies .. I'd puke but I am the only one who would clean it up .. B)
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Am I gonna trust Shannahan or Torts?

I'm gonna trust the one who hasn't proven to be a corrupt piece of garbage.

Healy needs to be fired along with the rest of HNIC crew minus Hughson, Friedman, and Cherry. When Don Cherry is one of your more professional personalities, you have a huge problem.
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[quote name='canuck2xtreme' timestamp='1382232644' post='11731418']
There's still a hotstove...? :huh:

Its before the games now and extremely short. I remember watching it with my dad as a kid and making sure to watch it so we knew the latest hockey rumors. This was obviously before guys like eklund and spector game to the fold and changed the way rumors were delivered.

For me, I make it a point to watch it more due to nostalgia than anything.
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