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Me versus the Vancouver Canucks


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Hey guys, I posted a few pictures of this before, however, my friend was able to edit and put together a pretty rad video that I thought that the Canucks community would enjoy! One of the best experiences of my life, and I am quite certain that the Canucks will not be throwing me a 6 million dollar offer sheet anytime in the near future. I figure this IS Canucks related, but if I posted this in the wrong section please feel free to move this Mods.

Enjoy! And if you really enjoyed the video, subscribe to our channel! We have quite a few more videos that I've posted on reddit of our channel of me and a friend goofing off and having some fun while trying to stay innovative and educational within the hockey community. :)

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Yo Dylan, I heard you did this a while back.

That's awesome! Who had the hardest shot to stop?

Hey bud long time no talk, yeah I ended up getting a lucky shot at them again. Sedins no question about it, never in my life have I seen players be able to handle the puck so flawlessly. With them, anything I thought they would do, they would end up doing the opposite. One of the surprisingly better players was Hamhuis though; really smart with the puck, made a lot of quick decisions and smart plays that I didn't expect. Give your family my best.

No, I didn't ask to get anything signed as I see them quite frequently. The experience I've had with them is enough of a memento for me to appreciate.

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