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Jets fan punches woman in the face

Mr.  Shakermaker

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I'm sorry, but she should have made a smarter, alternate decision during this altercation. You don't charge a huge PO'ed confrontational male looking to hit him and not expect anything in return. I have all too often seen women launching themselves in the middle of drunken idiots like this before thinking that they can diffuse the situation, and in turn, getting physically assaulted by some meat head during the ensuing altercation. Let me make myself clear: I am not at all for what happened to this woman - no ones deserves to be struck like that. I'm merely saying that people need to make smarter decisions and just walk away.

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Jets fan who punched female Patriots fan a convicted killer: Report

A New York Jets fan who was caught on video punching a woman in the face after Sunday’s game against the New England Patriots is reportedly a convicted killer.

Kurt Paschke – who served three years in prison in the 1990s for fatally stabbing a 17-year-old – was questioned by police after his alleged involvement in the post-game incident, according to the New York Daily News.

Paschke, 38, was 17 at the time of the stabbing, the result of a fight behind a pizza parlour in Sayville, N.Y. He was charged with murder but convicted of criminally negligent homicide.

Paschke’s mother Colleen, who said she was present during Sunday’s altercation, told the Daily News her son was acting in self-defence after the two were harassed by a pack of Pats fans who were upset at their team’s 30-27 loss in overtime.

“He’s the victim, really,” she said. “He was just concerned for his mother and himself.”

She claimed the punch victim flicked blood toward her son.

“He was just hitting back to defend himself,” she said. “It wasn’t done deliberately. If you see the video, they just went wild.”

Paschke is described as a Jets superfan and owns a mini-bus decorated with the team’s logo and colours.


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Four charged after videotape shows Jets fan punching woman at game

Four people accused of roles in an altercation caught on video following a New York Jets-New England Patriots game in New Jersey are now banned from all events held at the stadium.

The Jets made the announcement Tuesday night, shortly after New Jersey state police filed simple assault and disorderly conduct charges against the three Massachusetts residents and a New York man.

The team said it has “zero tolerance for this behaviour,” which it said violates its “Fan Code of Conduct.”

The four will be allowed to apply for readmission privileges once the legal process has run its course, but will have to meet certain conditions. The team said that includes the completion of an online conduct course and the submission of a written apology.

The charges were filed Tuesday afternoon against Amanda MacDowell of Marlborough, Mass.; Jaclyn Nugent and David James Sacco, both of Boston, and Kurt Paschke of Holbrook, N.Y.

MacDowell and Nugent allegedly kicked and punched Paschke. He then allegedly punched Nugent in the face. Sacco also allegedly hit Paschke in the face.

It wasn’t immediately clear if the three Massachusetts defendants had attorneys; phone numbers for them could not be found Tuesday night. Paschke’s attorney has said a full review of the evidence will vindicate his client.

The game was played Sunday afternoon at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J.

In comments made Tuesday before the charges were announced, Paschke’s father defended his son, saying he was defending himself.

“My wife is a breast cancer survivor and he brought her to the game to have a nice day and these people ruined it and now it’s being turned around like he is the aggressor,” Kurt Paschke Sr. told The Associated Press. “If you watch that video, you can clearly see he is being pulled back by one kid in a Patriots jersey while the other Patriots fans are smacking him in the face.

“I’m tired of hearing about you never hit a girl or punch a girl,” he added. “But if three girls are attacking you what recourse, you know if someone can come up with a reasonable recourse that he had, I will be glad to listen to it.”

The younger Paschke was convicted of criminally negligent homicide as a result of a 1992 stabbing outside a Sayville, N.Y., pizzeria, and was imprisoned from 1995 to early 1998, according to authorities and court records.


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I disagree with society's "no hitting a woman no matter what" rule. First of all let me say you shouldn't go around assaulting people regardless of their gender. But if someone else starts it, they should be prepared for you to finish.

I can see how the force he used was a little excessive to be considered self-defense, but still don't pick fights if you don't wanna get punched.

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