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Sean Monahan to remain with Flames this season

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Sean Monahan is sticking around.

The Calgary Flames announced the rookie forward will stay with the team past his “nine-game NHL tryout," activating the first full season of his three-year entry-level contract.

"We believe his development is best served with us," GM Jay Feaster said in the team release. "We feel good about him. We feel good about the decision we've made."

"He's a 19-year-old going on 29 years old."

It was expected the Flames would send Monahan back to his junior team, the Ottawa 67s, before his entry-level deal kicked in but his impressive play to start the season made the team think twice.

The just-turned 19-year-old has six goals and nine points in his first nine games, helping the Flames to a surprisingly competitive start the season, with a record of 4-3-2.

The Flames also tweeted that they will make a decision on Monahan's potential participation in the World Junior Championship closer to the start of the tournament.

He was selected sixth overall in this year's NHL Draft.

Very smart move in my opinion. Sure he could go back and dominate junior, but it's not like he's just playing a bit role with Calgary. He's looked very good so far, and gives Flames fans a reason to come to the game. Also, developing chemistry with Baertschi is a big plus for Calgary and could help both of their long term development.


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He's only going to get better at faceoffs with the help of NHL-calibre coaches. The fact he's a sponge also will help since he's so eager to learn as well

so excited to watch him progress as a player

also logged 21mins and 19 mins on back to back nights against two tough teams in LA and Phoenix, stud muffin

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I hope they let him play in the WJHC though.

They touched on it in the article, but I wouldn't be surprised if they let him go to the World Juniors. From Twitter:

Adam Kimelman@NHLAdamK 2h

Feaster also didn't rule out releasing Monahan to play in WJC: "We're a big believer ... in the WJC and what they do for players."

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Mackinnon and Barkov have been better.

I don't think so. Those 2 have been good but Monahan has been the best so far IMO. He's played better hockey than them so far and has played a bigger factor on his team than them.

I honestly think Monahan is easily the best rookie so far.

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This guy is going to get steamrolled when teams ramp up their play.

Should have sent him packing to Junior.

R.I.P Sean Monahan's career.

No foot speed.

I think that's a little bit of an exaggeration.

But there is a risk of judging junior players this early on in the season. The game does pick up significantly after the first month or two. Whether he'll be able to keep up then remains to be seen.

I think the biggest thing he seems to have going is his maturity level. We'll see if he can keep his high level of play up when his adrenaline wears out though.

I'm glad the Canucks recognized right away that Horvat wasn't ready. They could have forced him into the NHL this season, but it was obvious he didn't have the foot speed to play at the next level yet.

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