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Bieksa as a forward

It's a process

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I truly think Kevin should be tried as a forward for a game or so. He shows flashes of offensive brilliance all the time and I think he could be a guy that could really shine there. He's the perfect build of a power forward and if we're lucky, could maybe turn out like Burns. This would give Corrado a chance to take his spot and play on the team to develop while at the same time helping the Canucks' offensive problems.

Bieksa has never played like he should defensively because he loves to pinch as a d-man. I think if the Canucks gave him the opportunity just as maybe a one or two game experiment in the top 9, he could show us all that he's really capable of it and that a trade for a top 6 winger isn't necessary.

Whether you think this is a stupid idea or not, you must admit that it could be worth a shot with Bieksa's latest play.

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Maybe it has, but it makes sense right now.

Well it doesn't completely considering he is one of two RHD we have on the roster and he has been the best two-way D player this season seeing very difficult QoC while putting up points and having impressive Corsi and Fenwick numbers. So using the old mantra "if it ain't broke, dont fix it" it would be stupid to take him off the blueline right now.

That being said, he is my favourite players and I think his skil set would be fantastic for a forward and would love to see him play with his best buds on a Burr-Kes-Juice line. (aka. the three amigos line)

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