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[Report] Ryan Garbutt suspended 5 games

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Shoulder to Kesler's head. That's what Edler got suspended for is it not?

Even in the angles I saw last night I saw nothing conclusive that showed it as a hit to the head. Lookeed at first like he completely missed him but on replay it seemed he hit Kesler's shoulder with a glancing blow.

Was the Strait hit on Hansen not a hit from behind?


Sure looks like it to me, he shoves him at the end.

Feel free to post the video!

I didn't see it as a hit from behind at all. They're more side by side and Strait certainly isn't looking at his numbers before they make contact at the end. Hansen falls while being hit and it's a bad result - but not a bad hit.

It's not anything like the Lapierre hit on Boyle.

I've yet to see a replay on the Nielsen-Kesler thing. Is there one?

I haven't seen it yet if there is, but I did record That's Hockey 2 Night last night so I'm hoping they have a better view of it.

Garbutt's is pretty clear since he comes from a bit away and jumps into the hit making contact with the head. The charging supercedes him hitting squarely through the body so I'm not surprised he got suspended, even if I'd have thought they'd be more lenient since it's his first offence.

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IMHO what Strait did to Hansen was much more dangerous than what Lappierre did to Boyle,

They were both hits from behind, but Hansen at a much greater speed.

watch the Video, he clearly shoved him.


Lappierre's hit was FAR worse, he hammered him in the numbers right into the boards.

Srait didn't clearly shove him, they were side by side. Looked more accidental if you ask me, just an unfortunate play.

If you watch the hit slowly you can definately see that Kesler dived.

This. Which is why he jumped right up and played the next shift like nothing happened. Penalty, yes. Suspension worthy, no.

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I've yet to see a replay on the Nielsen-Kesler thing. Is there one?

Not to derail this from Garbutt, but there is a pretty good look (one angle only) of the Nielsen hit on Kesler. I don't see a trip at all - at least anything that changed the outcome of the hit - and it looks like Nielsen hits him shoulder to shoulder after catching up from behind. As he gets past him and makes contact his arm does come out and back making it look like a potential elbow, but doesn't appear to make any contact anyway.

Kesler wouldn't have had a lot of time to see him coming from what I can tell, but there's minimal if any contact to the head so there's nothing to it from the standpoint of a hit to the head penalty or further suspension. Another view might give a little better look, but I didn't see much to warrant anything extra.

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