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[Report] Pekka Rinne out for minimum 4 weeks

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A month? I doubt this blows their playoff chances. Calm down folks. A blow for sure but Nashville isn't finished.

A minimum of a month, could be longer. Infections are tricky to put an accurate timestamp on.

Even if it is just a month, Nashville plays 12 games in that span, and a downgrade from Rinne to Hutton or Hellberg will probably cost them a couple games.

The race for that 4th Central spot in the playoffs will be tight between them, Minnesota, and Winnipeg, and by the end of the season the 2 or 3 extra wins that Rinne could have pulled out that Hutton or Hellberg may not be able to could be huge.

Like you said, they aren't finished, but this is a massive blow.

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