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Things you think Torts does better than AV

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~more open

~more honest with players

~can coach and not just stand behind the bench smiling

~ better with line combos

~will call a time out in time.

~willing to split the Twins up, instant results.

~better dealing with weasel media~brings fire~Garrison on PP

~League best P.K

~more time for Twins, Bieksa Kesler

~Edler responding well


~chewing gum like deer lost in headlights.

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vigneault was a one dimensional percentages coach, which made him very predicitable for opposing coaches and boring for the fans too. vigneault had little patience for youth and even less patience for roster moves from game to game. kelser should have been on the wing when hodgson was here, he never tried it and the athletic kesler was finally experimented on the wing finally too late last year, enough said!

torts works from a foundation but is quick to detect its flaws and adjusts accordingly, where as vigs would stay the course. this is mike gillis's best move as a gm in my opinion, torts has made hockey fun for me once again!

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Well, here's what I can see of Torts over AV:

- Rewarding players through play - eg: who he chose in the Pens shootout - Santorelli, Kesler, Edler ... even tonight with Daniel

- Accountability: Booth

- Line up changes/adapting: splitting the Sedins, Kesler top line, Santorelli everywhere

- Not afraid to experiment: Welsh, Alberts forward

- No BS or spin

- Conditioning a priority

- Grit, hard work a priority

- Shoot first mentality

- Shot blocking (although that's good and bad)

Big fan of Torts and what he brings to this organization. I liked AV but Torts addresses what this team really needs.

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