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Cant watch El Clasico (barca vs. Real)? Thank qatar/ al jazeera


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Any el clasico fans? soccer fans??? The biggest match on earth real Madrid v. Barcelona is getting ruined thanks to BEinsports' (al jazeera) incompetence..

2 years ago it was possible to watch la liga matches on goltv for a very minimal 2-3$ a month subscription on your cable...

Then al Jazeera subsidiary, Ever wanting to show off to the world by throwing money around buys up all the Canadian rights, but have absolutely no Canadian channels..

they effectively shut Canada off for an entire year... now they launch their Canadian programming available to stream...

after going thru the signup procedure, and actually wanting to use it to watch the 1 game I want...

The site crashes RIGHT BEFORE THE GAME....

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I don't understand why Sportsnet 360 doesn't show stuff like La Liga, or Scottish League matches, or Championship (League 1) games?

It doesn't? Weird every week on normal SN you can watch champions league at noon yet they don't have it on 360?
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