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What will Tony Gallagher be negative about now


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I would have to say ice time will be his issue. It is not condusive to a successful Playoffs considering the top players in Vancouver will also be playing in the Olympics so fatigue will rear its ugly head unless the coaching staff can manage the minutes better as the year goes along.

But same goes for many teams this season.

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if we won the cup in seven games with an exciting and breath taking period of overtime that had us spilling out on to the streets celebrating our first cup, tony would rag on the decision to put a left handed shot on the point in a power play of the first period and continue to worry about not trading for some chump right handed shot at trading deadline. he would tell us our win was a fluke like he said about or 94 run that fell just short in new york.


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I couldn't care too much less about Tony, but some legitimate concerns IMHO:

- unsustainable ice time for players like Kesler

- irrespective of how many they get, PP needs a lot of work

- still need a more reliable 4th line

- better selection for shooters on shoot-outs

There are a lot of positives, but the thread asked about the negatives.

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