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[Proposal] Edler (if he agrees) to Boston for Hamilton and a 2nd?

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I'd be in favour of this deal from a Canuck perspective but as you pointed out I think cap space is a concern for the Bruins. I also believe it would take more than a second round pick in addition to Edler to get the Bruins to consider it. Edler is a great number two type defenseman but rightly or wrongly the Bruins have Hamilton pegged as the guy who is going to take over Chara's role in 4-6 years.

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are you all kidding ? hamilton and a second is all you think wed get for edler

wow you all must be high as a kite

50 point dmen dont grow on trees

theres 5-10 dmen a yr that get that point production on a good yr







edlers worth way more than a young dman that has 19 career points

try hamilton camara and a first rounder thats what vancouver would ask for edler your overvaluing hamilton on his possible potential which is to possibly one day maybe getting 40 points a yr if hes lucky

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If Boston says yes, make it happen. Dougie Hamilton is going to be an elite defenseman one day. He's very responsible defensively, and 6'5 about 215 pounds. Still put up I think 16 points in 42 games his rookie season as a 20 year old. So on pace for about 32 points as a rookie? I'm sure he will hit the 40 point mark in a couple of years. As of now, yes, he may be a slight downgrade, but in 2-3 years, we'll all be looking back wondering how we straight up robbed Boston. Plus if we got a draft pick too? Oh boy.. But boston would never let that happen.

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Makes sense for both teams, good proposal.

Agreed but Edler can be dominant and Hamilton is a few years away from being as competitive as Eddie if he even reaches his potential. Make the pick a 1st coming our way and it gets the ever coveted Chauncey approval.

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Edler to Boston for Dougie Hamilton and a 2nd rounder in 2014?

We get younger, another right handed shot, less points, but more sound defensively, and bigger.

Garrison Bieksa

Hamhuis Tanev

Stanton Hamilton

Yay? Nay?

Only issue does Boston have the cap space?

Pretty good concept. I believe Edler is the best offensive D we have, but it does not extend to being a guy who lugs the puck up ice as a puck mover.

How fast is Hamilton? Can he carry the puck against pressure? If he has that extra gear and stick handling skills I would be down. By my memory he sounds like a prospect with Edlers skills, but they let Krog run the PP in the play off's last year because he brought that speed?

Summary; a prospect who can develop into Edlers skills, but has that speed and puck moving component as well is what I want.

this trade would never happen if we traded edler it would be for a star winger like jamie benn for edler and a first and a b level prospect

Funny thing; Hamilton is a replacement, theoretically, for Edler but he's also on an ELC. Your top 6 forward is found in the cap space created. All good...

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Edler is pretty over-rated on the boards. He hasn't even had a 50 point season yet and despite all his hype and potential, is yet to reach it. I feel he will be a late bloomer and probably peak when he's around 30, but until then it's a long learning process for Edler. MG should stick with him though because when Edler peaks, guys like Hamhuis, Garrison and Bieksa are going to be struggling.

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